Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great Adventures-Jersey Edition

We went to New Jersey
the week after we got back from Florida

That is where My boyfriend is from
and the main event was his
Grandpa's 90th Birthday Party!

Saturday when we were there
We got to go to
Six Flags Adventure

Have never been and was a GREAT TIME
We got to go on a few awesome rides...

El Toro


Kingda Ka

This is pretty much exactly like
The Dragster at Cedar Point
But this is Taller and Faster!


I don't know if you can tell from the picture
But you hang with your stomach to the ground, head leading
{like superman}
This is by far one of the scariest coasters i have been on!

We had dinner with lots of Eric's family that night

Then the next day was his Gpa's Party
Man of the Day
{one on the left if you weren't sure ;)}

{ Scott, Eric's Brother- Eric's Mom and Him}

{Eric's Parents, Brother and Us}

cutting of the cake

Part of the party-goers!

We had a great time even though
it was a quick trip!

Love in Paradise

Hey Everyone
How have your last few weeks been?

Well to update you... My vacations were

Start off with Florida...

Collages I made with the app 
Pic Collage On my Iphone

Day 1:

Arrived at our Destination!
 And drove around the neighborhood

Went out to dinner on Atlantic Ave. 

And to the Beach

Day 2:

Had Breakfast with my Bf's Aunt in Boca Raton
And made some friends while eating...
{I call them Max and Will}

Then caught some Rays at the Beach

Then went out for my birthday dinner

Day 3:

Went to the Beach & Pool

Then went to dinner with our house host
{My Boyfriend's Aunt}

Day 4: 

Went to the pool

Then went to some shops in Boca Raton
And had Dinner at my Bf's Aunt's Condo
{Not the one we stayed with}

Then went to Hard Rock Casino
Weren't too luck at gambling
But did end the night with a lil Bday Treat
{for all your dirty thoughts, bet you didn't 
guess it was a SWEET TREAT}

Day 5:

This was my FAVORITE DAY
This was the evening I had planned for Eric's Birthday

Early Evening we went on a Boat Tour of Ft. Lauderdale
Here are some pics from the boat ride...

Those were just a few of the many i took...
Most the houses we saw were owned by
Famous people, CEOs, Politicians, Etc.

A lot of the houses have been used in 
Tv Shows & Movies

The two Yachts above were AMAZING looking
first one is Steven Spielberg's 
2nd one is a Businessman in NYC's

Off to Dinner...
We went to Steak 954
Had a great view of the beach

It was a Fantastic Vacation
Can't wait to go back
So much more I want to do around there!

Jersey will be up next in my posts!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaack

Hey Everyone...
Hope my time away didn't scare all my readers away
But I will do my best to earn ya back!!

My time the last couple of months
has been Volleyball, Volleyball, Volleyball
Those who are my friends know it wasn't 
just my blog that suffered, 
my social life has been 
not very existent either!!

BUT... My time away was well worth it
Our team was the BEST!! 

Here are a few pics from our Season
{surprised me on my bday :)}

While I am sharing my last few months...
Will update you other things that have happened

I finally made something from pinterest
Made these for myself and my roomie

Made those for our girls on our Team

We have a new addition and 
I became an auntie again
{Miles, My friend's son :)}

And again... And Again
{ Miss Lilly}
{ Mr. Kage}

Both kids of my friends from school
{love this pic}

My two boys are best buds

Well thats about all the updates for now...
Might be absent for a few days
Off to 

Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{Lost} and Found :0

Why hello...
Long time no blog...

Well when warning you I wouldn't 
be blogging very much...
I didn't think I would be taking a month or so break
Life has been CRAY CRAY
Coaching, Work, New Ideas for creative projects
Yes I know what your thinking...
How did you stay sane since you couldn't blog

Had these awesome girls to hang out with
{Our Team}

Kept Alive with
{Caffiene & Iphone}

Had some quality time with my boys

And some girl time...


Within the last month 
Both Maxwell and I have got haircuts...

Got a few new Duds...
Hello fav colors :)

What have you all been up to!!??